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Kevin Boyack kboyack at mapofscience.com
Mon May 23 12:57:29 EDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,


We recently completed a small NSF EAGER project entitled "Accurate Linking
of Grants and Topics in Science". As part of the outreach from that grant we
have created a project webpage at http://www.mapofscience.com/?page_id=947.
The page mentions the proposed work, assumptions, changes, and outcomes from
the project.


Perhaps most importantly for this community, we have posted two sets of
grant-to-article links that may be of use to those interested in
input-output studies, and have added Scopus article IDs and PubMed IDs to
those links where they could be identified using matching processes. 

a)       Outputs from 814 NSF projects (124 SciSIP, 366 Econ, 324 GeoPhys).
Output data (articles, conference papers, etc.) were downloaded from NSF
webpages listing project outputs, deduplicated, and identified in Scopus
where possible. Of the 4,404 output strings, 2,862 were located in Scopus,
and 361 in PubMed.

b)      Publication data were downloaded from the UK Gateway to Research
website (gtr.rcuk.ac.uk/search/project?term=*). These publication data
already include a large number of PubMed IDs and DOIs. Matching to Scopus
data was done for those records without PMID or DOI. Of the 501,513
publication records associated with 32,588 projects, 390,871 were located in


Note that we have not posted funding data since they are already available
online. Funding data for the NSF projects is available through the STAR
METRICS website, while the UK GtR funding data is available at their


We hope these data will prove to be useful for many of you.


Best regards,



(with apologies for cross-posting)


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