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Strehl L, Calabró L, Souza DO, Amaral L (2016) Brazilian Science between
National and Foreign Journals: Methodology for Analyzing the Production and
Impact in Emerging Scientific Communities. PLoS ONE 11(5): e0155148. doi:


*Abstract*In recent decades, we have observed an intensification of
science, technology and innovation activities in Brazil. The increase in
production of scientific papers indexed in international databases,
however, has not been accompanied by an equivalent increase in the impact
of publications. This paper presents a methodology for analyzing production
and the impact of certain research areas in Brazil related to two aspects:
the origin of the journals (national or foreign) and international
collaboration. These two variables were selected for being of particular
importance in understanding the context of scientific production and
communication in countries with emerging economies. The sample consisted of
papers written by Brazilian researchers in 19 subfields of knowledge
published from 2002 to 2011, totaling 85,082 papers. To calculate the
impact, we adopted a normalized indicator called the relative subfield
citedness (Rw) using a window of 5 years to obtain measurements evaluated
in 2 different years: 2007 and 2012. The data on papers and citations were
collected from the Web of Science database. From the results, we note that
most of the subfields have presented, from one quinquennium to another,
improved performance in the world production rankings. Regarding
publication in national and foreign journals, we observed a trend in the
distribution maintenance of production of the subfields based on the origin
of the journal. Specifically, for impact, we identified a lower Rw pattern
for Brazilian papers when they were published in national journals in all
subfields. When Brazilian papers are published in foreign journals, we
observed a higher impact for those papers, even surpassing the average
global impact in some subfields. For international collaboration, we
analyzed the percentage of participation of foreign researchers and the
connection between collaboration and the impact of papers, especially
emphasizing the distinction of hyperauthorship papers in terms of
production and impact.

Letícia Strehl
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Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil
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