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*this Friday 14th July *is the deadline for the *early bird registration* for
2016 S&T Indicators Conference,
to be held in Valencia from 14-16th September 2016, at Ingenio (CSIC-UPV):


The theme of this year’s conference “Frontier, peripheries and beyond” is
an invitation to critically assess current STI indicators, their use and
effects, and to develop more inclusive metrics:


*Infrastructures for Inclusive and Open Science*
Éric Archambault, Science-Metrix,  Canada
Valentin Bogorov, Thomson-Reuters, Moscow, Russia
Abel Packer, Scielo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Hebe Vessuri, Centre of Science Studies, IVIC, Caracas, Venezuela

*Inclusive metrics and the u**se of indicators in policy*
Roman Arjona, Chief Economist, Directorate General for Research and
Innovation, European Commission
Joanna Chataway, SPRU, Univ. Sussex, Brighton, UK
Diana Hicks, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, US
Slavo Radosevic, UCL, London, UK
Judith Sutz, President of Globelics & Univ. de la República, Montevideo,

*Global networks, centre-periphery relations and indicators*
Jonathan Adams, Digital Science, London, UK (tbc)
Rigas Arvanitis, director of IFRIS, IRD, Paris, France
Sami Mahroum, INSEAD Innovation and Policy Initiative, Abu Dhabi, United
Arab Emirates
Monica Salazar, InterAmerican Develoment Bank, Bogota, Colombia


*Sakiko Fukuda-Parr*
New School, New York) on “The Power of Numbers: a critical review of MDG
targets for Human Development.

*Johan Moutton*
Stellenbosch Univ., South Africa) on S&T indicators in developing contexts.
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