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Dear colleagues,

Recently, we introduced the CitedReferencesExplorer (CRExplorer at http://www.crexplorer.net, http://arxiv.org/abs/1601.01199). The program was primarily developed to identify those publications in a field, a topic or by a researcher which have been frequently cited. It is especially suitable to study the historical roots of this field, topic or researcher.

Yesterday, the new CRExplorer version 1.6.7 was released. A detailed explanation of the new features can be found here: http://arxiv.org/abs/1607.01266.

The most important new features are the possibility (1) of reading Scopus (in addition to WoS) files and (2) of exporting data in Scopus or WoS format. Thus, CRExplorer allows the reading of WoS or Scopus data in a first step, the disambiguation of the cited references variants in the second step, and the export of the data in WoS or Scopus format in the third step.

In other words, the new version of the CRExplorer can be used as a tool to prepare WoS or Scopus data for its further processing in other bibliometric tools (e.g. the VOSviewer). As you know, variants of the same cited references are a big problem in bibliometric studies (especially using Scopus data) and the CRExplorer can be used to reduce this problem.

Further, if someone has only WoS data, but needs the data in Scopus format (or vice versa), the WoS data can be imported in the CRExplorer (and disambiguated) and exported in Scopus format.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!



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