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assistant professorship in bibliometrics


The Royal School of Library and Information Science (RSLIS), Faculty of
Humanities, University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark, invites applications
for a tenure-track assistant professorship in bibliometrics to be filled by
1 January 2017 or as soon as possible thereafter.


A successful candidate must have a strong research record in bibliometrics
(e.g. the theoretical foundation of bibliometrics, citation theory, citation
indexing, bibliometric mapping, bibliometric indicators, publication and
citation analysis). 


In addition it must be emphasized that RSLIS is dedicated to developing the
field of Information Science in new ways that will integrate the study of
information with the study of contextual, social, philosophical or cultural
issues. A successful applicant must be capable of and interested in putting
teaching and research in bibliometrics into interplay with such issues. 


Please see the full advertisement at:



More about the University of Copenhagen:

 <http://www.ku.dk/english/> http://www.ku.dk/english/


More about the Royal School of Library and Information Science:

 <http://iva.ku.dk/english/> http://iva.ku.dk/english/


For further information about the position, please contact Director Per

E-mail:  <mailto:per.hasle at hum.ku.dk> per.hasle at hum.ku.dk.

WWW:   <http://iva.ku.dk/english/employees/?pure=en/persons/166016>




Prof. Dr. Isabella Peters

Professor of Web Science


Kiel University (CAU Kiel)

Institute for Computer Science

Department Web Science (R. 1105)

Christian-Albrechts-Platz 4

D-24118 Kiel 

T: +49 431 880-7286

E: ipe at informatik.uni-kiel.de

Web:  <http://www.ws.informatik.uni-kiel.de/en/research>


ZBW Leibniz Information Center for Economics 

Düsternbrooker Weg 120

D-24105 Kiel

T: +49-431-8814-623

E: i.peters at zbw.eu

Web: http://www.zbw.eu/en/research/web-science




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