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Regional and Global Science:  <http://arxiv.org/abs/1510.02453> 
Latin American and Caribbean publications in the SciELO Citation Index and
the Web of Science

Gabriel Velez-Cuartas, Diana Lucio-Arias, and Loet Leydesdorff


We compare the visibility and performance of Latin American and Caribbean
(LAC) publications in the Core collection indexes included in the Web of
Science (WoS) -- Science Citation Index Expanded, Social Sciences Citation
Index, and Arts & Humanities Citation Index -- and the Scielo Citation Index
(SciELO CI) which was integrated into the larger WoS platform in 2014. The
purpose of this comparison is to contribute to our understanding of the
communication of scientific knowledge produced in Latin America and the
Caribbean, and to provide some reflections on the potential benefits of the
articulation of regional indexing exercises into WoS for a better
understanding of geographic and disciplinary contributions. How is the
regional level of ScieLO CI related to the global one of WoS? In WoS, LAC
authors are integrated at the global level in international networks; for
example, as postdocs. In SciELO CI, south-south collaboration is more
central, and the focus is shifted towards social problems. The articulation
of SciELO into WoS may improve the international standardization (for
example, of referencing) in the regional journals, but comes at the price of
losing independence of the journal inclusion criteria. 


.        Preprint available at http://arxiv.org/abs/1510.02453 

.        Apologies for cross-postings



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