[Sigmetrics] Environment Canada is looking for a Science Policy Research Associate

Melancon, Yannik (EC/EC) yannik.melancon at canada.ca
Thu Nov 12 13:39:52 EST 2015

Environment Canada's Science and Technology Strategy Directorate is looking for a Science Policy Research Associate.  This is a part time position (20 hours a week) for a person residing in Canada or a Canadian citizen residing abroad, which is currently enrolled in a relevant PhD program and who wants to work with us on one of the following topics:

·         Open data in science based departments and agencies; including, but not limited to, impacts, success factors, and international best practices

·         Improving the assessment of government science performance and its impacts (e.g., social, economic, environmental, others); including, but not limited to, through the innovative use of bibliometrics, altmetrics, case studies or the development of performance indicators for scientific activities.

As part of a dynamic team of science policy analysts, the successful candidate will be expected to design and implement a research project that will contribute to advancing Environment Canada's science policy priorities. The primary responsibilities of the successful candidate will include reviewing and summarizing academic literature, and applying his or her knowledge to contribute to solving science-policy problems or questions relevant to Environment Canada. The Research Associate's work will also include, as appropriate, writing papers, offering presentations, networking with internal and external experts, contributing to working groups and briefing senior management on key findings.

Interested candidates need to apply before November 23 2015 - 23:59, Pacific Time using this link

Thank you
Yannik Melançon, Ph.D
Policy Advisor, Science and Technology Branch
Environment Canada / Government of Canada

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