Collaboration network puzzle

Thomas Krichel krichel at OPENLIB.ORG
Fri May 22 06:11:23 EDT 2015

  Gohar Feroz Khan, PhD writes

> Using the Web of Science publication data, I have constructed two
> networks, 1) author level collaboration network, and 2)
> institutional level collaboration networks. The publications are in
> a particular research field.

  What's the field? 

>  I just wonder what could explain these differences? Normally, when
> I construct such networks, the institutional network is sparse as
> compared to the authors network, as all the publications (or nodes)
> from a particular institute are merged into a single node when
> creating an institutional level collaboration network. But, here it
> is the opposite.

  Possibly you have bad data, with author names spelled out differently

  Identified author and institution data is avaible from RePEc. I have
  done work the the collaboration of authors at
  but no work on institutional collaboration.



  Thomas Krichel        

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