United Nations UNCTAD releases report "Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Urbanization"

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UNCTAD releases report "*Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable

In recent years, sustainable urbanization has become a very popular topic.
Several conferences at international, regional and local levels have
periodically discussed urbanization issues in detail. Debate on the topic
has already reached a level of maturity whereby tools, resources and
applications are abundant worldwide. Innovation on sustainable urbanization
is happening everywhere, in both developed and developing countries.

This report aims to contribute to the sustainable urbanization discourse by
addressing the specific role of science, technology and innovation. It is
based on literature review and an analysis of cities in developed and
developing countries that provide examples that can be reapplied elsewhere.

The report provides a fresh perspective on the discussion on sustainable
urbanization, drawing on current research and case studies from around the
world. The report identifies key sectoral planning challenges posed by
rapid urbanization, particularly in developing countries, and proposes
practical guidelines to city planners and other decision makers for
addressing these challenges through the use of science, technology and

Download <http://Unctad.org/en/PublicationsLibrary/dtlstict2014d2_en.pdf>
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