UNESCO's Open Access (OA) Curriculum is now online

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UNESCO's Open Access (OA) Curriculum is now online[Apologies for Cross

*"Building inclusive Knowledge Societies through information and
communication" *is one of the key objectives for UNESCO's Medium-Term
Strategy. By adopting this objective, UNESCO Member States have recognized
that knowledge plays a key role in economic growth, social development,
cultural enrichment and democratic empowerment. This decision of the
Members States has influenced UNESCO‘s Open Access program, through which
the organization received a unique mandate to work on OA policy issues;
bridge knowledge pools on OA across the world and build capacities to
better understand Open Access.

Within the overall framework of the organization’s strategy on OA, the
recent launch of *OA curricula for Researchers and Library Schools
by UNESCO highlights its efforts for enhancing capacities to deal with Open
Access issues. The carefully designed and developed sets of OA curricula
for researchers and library and information professionals are based on two
needs assessment surveys, and several rounds of face-to-face and online
consultations with relevant stakeholders.

These curricula will soon be converted into self-directed e-learning tools,
which will enable users to self-assess their knowledge on Open Access and
take a learning pace that is initiated and directed by the learners
themselves. UNESCO also aims to strengthen this initiative by translating
the OA curricula into several languages that will increase their reach and

The complete set of five OA modules for researchers and four OA modules for
library schools is now available online and can be downloaded by clicking
the following links:

*Curriculum for Library Schools*

   - *Module 1: Introduction to Open Access
   - *Module 2: Open Access Infrastructure
   - *Module 3: Resource Optimization
   - *Module 4: Interoperability and Retrieval

*Curriculum for Researchers*

   - *Module 1: Scholarly Communications
   - *Module 2: Concepts of Openness and Open Access
   - *Module 3: Intellectual Property Rights
   - *Module 4: Research Evaluation Metrics
   - *Module 5: Sharing your Work in Open Access

UNESCO promotes Open Access (OA),
with particular emphasis on scientific information (journal articles,
conference papers and datasets of various kinds) emanating from publicly
funded research. Working with partners, UNESCO works to improve awareness
about the benefits of OA among policy makers, researchers and knowledge
managers. Through its global network of Field Offices, Institutes and
Centers, UNESCO facilitates the development and adoption of OA-enabling
policies. In addition, UNESCO engages in global OA debates and cooperates
with local, regional and global initiatives in support of OA.


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