My official comments on NSF's Public Access Policy clearance

David Wojick dwojick at CRAIGELLACHIE.US
Mon Jun 29 15:06:10 EDT 2015

Dear Colleagues,

The US National Science foundation requested comments on the OMB/OIRA 
clearance of their Public Access Policy and I submitted official comments 
late last week. I have also posted these comments on Figshare at Background on the clearance 
process is at 
The OIRA clearance process is fairly arcane, so I am happy to answer 
questions. These comments are public documents so feel free to share or 
quote them.

The thrust of my comments is that NSF is ignoring the burden on researchers 
of carrying out their Public Access mandate, especially including mandated 
data sharing. I also raise a number of other issues. NSF should be taking 
the lead here. Some of these issues are clearly metrical in nature, 
especially burden estimating for mandated information transactions. Perhaps 
the metric community has a role to play here.

There is a link to the NSF request at the beginning of the comments, but it 
is I 
encourage you to comment and to encourage others to comment. The deadline 
is July 20, 2015.

My best regards,


David Wojick, Ph.D. 

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