Scimago Institutions Ranking 2015

Isidro F. Aguillo isidro.aguillo at CCHS.CSIC.ES
Tue Jul 14 04:21:05 EDT 2015

Scimago Lab has launched the 2015 edition of its Scimago Institutions 
Ranking, a comprehensive review of the performance of more than 5100 
universities, government research centers, hospitals and research 
intensive companies from all over the world.

The new edition is more visual, with a world map customizable by country 
and sector and an impressive collection of data, including bibliometric 
info from Scopus database (2009-2015), innovation metrics extracted from 
patent databases and freshly updated webometric indicators.

There are 13 different indicators distributed as follows:

Research indicators: Output, Scientific Talent Pool, Excellence, 
Leadership, International Collaboration, Normalized Impact, Specialization

Innovation indicators: Innovative Knowledge, Technological Impact

Web visibility indicators: Website Size, Domain's Inbound Links

SIR intends to be used a science evaluation resource to assess worldwide 
universities and research-focused institutions. The end-user can choose 
the preferred indicators, the geographical coverage and temporal range 
and can export directly the data to his/her computer.

An extensive methodology with bibliographic references is provided at


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