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Journal Portfolio Analysis for Countries, Cities, and Organizations: Maps
and Comparisons <> 


Loet Leydesdorff, Gaston Heimeriks, and Daniele Rotolo


Using Web-of-Science data, portfolio analysis in terms of journal coverage
can be projected on a base map for units of analysis such as countries,
cities, universities, and firms. The units of analysis under study can be
compared statistically across the 10,000+ journals. The interdisciplinarity
of the portfolios can be measured using Rao-Stirling diversity or Zhang et
al.'s (in press) improved measure 2D3. At the country level we find regional
differentiation (e.g., Latin-American or Asian countries), but also a major
divide between advanced and less-developed countries. Israel and Israeli
cities outperform other nations and cities in terms of diversity.
Universities appear to be specifically related to firms when a number of
these units are exploratively compared. The instrument is relatively simple
and straightforward, and one can generalize the application to any document
set retrieved from WoS. Further instruction is provided online at . 


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