New paper analyzing networks of Mendeley reader and country status

Robin Haunschild R.Haunschild at FKF.MPG.DE
Wed Apr 29 03:10:34 EDT 2015

Networks of reader and country status: An analysis of Mendeley reader

The number of papers published in journals indexed by the Web of Science
core collection is steadily increasing. In recent years, nearly two
million new papers were published each year; somewhat more than one
million papers when primary research articles are considered only.
Sophisticated and compact bibliometric methods have to be applied in
order to obtain an overview. One popular method is a network-based
analysis. In this study, we analyze Mendeley readership data of a set of
1,133,224 articles and 64,960 reviews with publication year 2012 to
generate three networks: (1) The network based on disciplinary
affiliations points out similarities of and differences in readerships
of papers. (2) The status group network shows which status groups (e.g.
students, lecturers, or professors) commonly read and bookmark papers.
(3) The country network focuses on global readership patterns: It
visualizes similar and different reading patterns of papers at the
country level. With these networks we explore the usefulness of
readership data for networking.

by Robin Haunschild, Lutz Bornmann, and Loet Leydesdorff


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