Does Google Scholar contain all highly cited documents (1950-2013)?

Paul Colin de Glouceſter de_Ghloucester at NINTHFLOOR.ORG
Fri Oct 31 11:22:17 EDT 2014

WWW.Google reported today that Sidney Redner, "Citation Statistics
from 110 Years of Physical Review", "Physics Today", 2005 was cited
284 times, but Google Scholar did not show me an entry for this
article. I quote from that article:
"Table 1. Physical Review Articles with more than 1000 Citations
Through June 2003
Publication # cites Av. age Title Author(s)
[. . .]
PRL 19, 1264 (1967) 1306 15.5 A Model of Leptons S. Weinberg
[. . .]
PR 124, 1866 (1961) 1178 28.0 Effects of Configuration Interaction of
Intensities and Phase Shifts U. Fano"

Google Scholar reported today:
"[CITAÇÃO] A model of leptons, Phys
S Welnberg - Re~. Left, 1967
Citado por 17 Artigos relacionados Citar Guardar"
and Google Scholar did not find "Effects of Configuration Interaction
of Intensities and Phase Shifts" for me today. (Google Scholar did
find an important-to-me article by Fano which is not as highly cited:
U. Fano, "Remarks on the Classical and Quantum-Mechanical Treatment of
Partial Polarization", "Journal of the Optical Society of America",
1949 but 1949 was before 1950, I believe).

May I suggest replacing

Paul Colin de Gloucester

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