Call for Participation, International Workshop on Semantics for Data, 2nd Nov at JNU Convention Centre

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*International Workshop on Semantics for Data*
*Venue: JNU Convention Centre, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.*
*Date: 2nd November 2014*
*Time: 13 - 16 hrs *

Research data is crucial for scientific investigations. The nature of data
transactions and collaborations observed in international scientific
communities clearly indicates that Big Data is a topic that is
interdisciplinary and has cross-discipline applications. Metadata is
usually associated with its role in retrieval of resources from large
collections. Semantics enriched metadata facilitates context driven
services that relate to the changing and evolving user communities that are
often cross disciplinary. There are many metadata standards advocated for
different domains, services and even entities such as organizations,
persons, geoentities and services among several others. However, with
increasing interest in research and practice of Big Data and availability
of data, it is necessary to focus on Metadata for data which is a research
area deemed to be nascent as of now. It is necessary to develop a community
and an international think tank around the idea of 'metadata for data' and
also focus on 'semantics' along with metadata at its inception itself. Data
by itself does not directly convey anything but when enriched with
semantics and metadata several useful services can be designed. SeMDAT is a
workshop with a scope intended to explore the role of semantics and
metadata for data.
*Objectives*: The workshop aims to bring together international experts and
practitioners in Big Data. SeMDAT will provide a platform for discussions
highlighting opportunities, issues and challenges in Big data sourcing,
storage, processing and applications. The workshop will emphasize on
pragmatic approaches required to progress towards semantic solutions for
*Format*: Workshop will consist of keynote speakers, and invited lectures
demonstrations from world experts in Big Data. The content and proceedings
will be comprehensive of the sub-topics and issues with emphasis on
important aspects such as policy, access and availability, standards, tools
and technology and processes among others
*Participation*: (not limited to... ): Data managers, data science faculty,
library and information professionals, research data managers, researchers,
faculty students in related area across domains and services.

*Registration is free for this workshop*

*Further Details*:
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