Estimating Open Access Mandate Effectiveness: I. The MELIBEA Score

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Estimating Open Access Mandate Effectiveness: I. The MELIBEA Score
Philippe Vincent-Lamarre
<>, Jade
Boivin <>, Yassine
Gargouri <>, Vincent
Lariviere <>, Stevan
Harnad <>

ABSTRACT: MELIBEA is a Spanish database that uses a composite formula with
eight weighted conditions to estimate the effectiveness of Open Access
mandates (registered in ROARMAP). We analyzed 68 mandated institutions for
publication years 2011-2013 to determine how well the MELIBEA score and its
individual conditions predict what percentage of published articles indexed
by Web of Knowledge is deposited in each institution's OA repository, and
when. We found a small but significant positive correlation (0.18) between
MELIBEA score and deposit percentage. We also found that for three of the
eight MELIBEA conditions (deposit timing, internal use, and opt-outs), one
value of each was strongly associated with deposit percentage or deposit
latency (immediate deposit required, deposit required for performance
evaluation, unconditional opt-out allowed for the OA requirement but no
opt-out for deposit requirement). When we updated the initial values and
weights of the MELIBEA formula for mandate effectiveness to reflect the
empirical association we had found, the score's predictive power doubled
(.36). There are not yet enough OA mandates to test further mandate
conditions that might contribute to mandate effectiveness, but these
findings already suggest that it would be useful for future mandates to
adopt these three conditions so as to maximize their effectiveness, and
thereby the growth of OA.
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