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Thanks for the lesson.  It seems that I have a lot to learn from your book.  I am going to have to study it before I can proceed further.  Right now I am interested in power-law structures and r^2 tests that enable one to estimate to what extent new ideas are or can be incorporated into the knowledge corpus of different disciplines.


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Dear Stephen,

Thank for your attention in the book and I hope that you enjoy with it.

On the relationship between MAS and Bing, I can say that MAS is a completly different develeopment. MAS was born in Microsoft Asia from a before beta engine, Libra. The ranking algorithm of this engine is PopRank (Nie et al, 2005), an adaptation of PageRank. The difference is that PopRank takes into acount not only the incoming links or citations to a document but also the authors, keywords, journals and organizations that are connected to that document. Thus, a paper written by a highly cited author, from a impacted journal and from a prestigious organization is better ranked. This reference explains in detail the algorithm.

Nie, Z., Zhang, Y., Wen, J. R., & Ma, W. Y. (2005). Object-level ranking: bringing order to web objects. In Proceedings of the 14th international conference on World Wide Web (pp. 567-574). ACM.


José Luis Ortega
Cybermetrics Lab

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