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Dear Howard (cc: sigmetrics list), 


For another purpose, I was asked to make a co-citation map of Niklas Luhmann
and I took the opportunity to update and upgrade the program BibAuth.exe <
at > for the Windows environment
(instead of DOS J ). For example, the following map for the 101 authors that
are co-cited with Luhmann in the 73 publications of him included in WoS to
0.1% of the total citation in the set.


cid:image002.jpg at 01CF6B9E.31E352E0


The program operates on the first initial and also the first name. This
creates sometimes problems in the labeling; for example "van a" for "van
assche k". However, the labels can be corrected manually. The output is in
the Pajek format and for SPSS (the asymmetrical matrix of documents versus
cited authors).


An (dis)advantage may be that this routine is not limited to 25 co-cited
authors. However, with much larger set, it may take a bit of time. The
coloring above is based on the Louvain algorithm for community finding.






Loet Leydesdorff 

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