Job Posting - Philadelphia - Senior Officer, Planning and Evaluation

Stephen Fitzmier sfitzmier at TEMPLETON.ORG
Mon May 5 15:20:11 EDT 2014

The John Templeton Foundation (JTF) is seeking an individual adept at 
facilitating academic planning, assessment and learning, particularly in the area 
of interdisciplinary research. 

The Senior Officer will be working independently and in partnership with his/her 
colleagues on planning and evaluation initiatives in areas of the mission largely 
associated with academic research and engagement, specifically efforts that 
seek to foster new discoveries and efforts that seek to create enthusiasm and 
growth among scholars for studying particular topical areas of interest to JTF. 

This position will be responsible for consulting with JTF's academic grantmaking 
departments to drive the creative and novel use of data for the following 
tasks: informing and developing strategy; monitoring grant portfolio 
performance; assessing performance against expectations and the Foundation's 
mission; and, providing insight that improves programmatic decision-making and 
strengthens the design and implementation of the Foundation's programs. 

This position reports to the Planning & Evaluation Director, and will work closely 
with a small team of dedicated professionals. 

Primary Areas of Responsibility
* Independently and in partnership with P&E colleagues, engage with academic 
grantmaking department heads to facilitate the development and updating of 
strategic plans. 
* Lead and partner on efforts to generate knowledge that informs on-going and 
future grantmaking efforts.
* Conduct internal and develop and manage outsourced evaluations of 
individual grants, program initiatives and strategic plans using both qualitative 
and quantitative methods. 
* Both independently and in partnership with P&E colleagues, provide summary 
analysis of grant performance and lessons learned across grantmaking.
* Contribute to the development and maintenance of grant performance data 
* Train/assist program staff regarding planning and evaluation concepts and 

Criteria & Relevant Skills
* 5+ years conducting planning and evaluation in an academic or foundation 
setting utilizing a blend of quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods 
geared towards understanding the impact of research-based initiatives on 
* Experience must include oversight of data collection, analytics, visualization 
and reporting of academic data (Bibliometrics, social network analysis, etc.). 
Experience overseeing technical systems for data management is a plus. 
* Strong knowledge of the Foundation’s Science and the Big Questions 
research and academic engagement areas. Candidates should be familiar with 
programs that engage the public with scientific findings. 
* Experience designing and overseeing outsourced program or project 
* Experience designing and conducting evaluations, particularly those focused 
on evaluating the impact of research.
* Exceptional verbal and written communication skills and high attention to 
* Strong personal interest in the Foundation’s mission is essential.
* Ability to take initiative for new projects and to work independently.
* Ability to work collaboratively with a small team from diverse professional 
* Master’s Degree in related area or equivalent experience.

JTF provides excellent salary and benefits.  For immediate, confidential 
consideration, please submit your CV via this link:

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