CHORUS is a Trojan Horse

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Dear Thomas,

Generally speaking one does not lobby Executive branch agencies. You can lobby Congress because they are the decision makers of democracy, so must listen to everyone. But the executive agencies are the enforcers, the police if you like. The publishers have had a few polite meetings with OSTP and the agency group but that is about it. We are all just waiting to see what the Feds are going to do. Also, scholarly publishing is far too small to have "lobbying power." It is a tiny industry, almost beneath notice. 

Most of the funding agencies do not even want to do public access. It is just a bother to them. They fund research. In fact the House and Senate have both told them to get going. See the synopsis of my June 19 issue of IPA for links to the Congressional documents:

There is nothing insane about journal prices. The journals are moving two million articles a year.


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