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*Call for papers*

*international conference *

*Open Access and scientific research: towards new

*>> *
*Tunis, 27-28 November 2014*
The research unit "Digital Library and Heritage", of the
*Higher Institute of Documentation* *(ISD)*, Manouba University, Tunisia
*In partnership with*
The* National University Center for Scientific and Technical Documentation
(CNUDST)**, *Tunisia
*Conference Chair*
*Mohamed Ben Romdhane*, Higher Institute of Documentation *(ISD)*, Manouba
University, Tunisia
Contact : mbromdhane at yahoo.fr
While the Open Access (OA) movement, with its green and gold routes, has
reached a certain maturity in the world and mainly in developed countries
thanks to the policies of strengthening open access to Scientific and
Technical Information (STI) in all areas, it continues to progress in the
developing countries including  the Arab and African  states.
Indeed, the advance of OA in these countries was prejudiced by the lack of
awareness among researchers and policy makers of the benefits it could
provide in terms of visibility of scientific production, democratization of
access to research results and application of performance indicators in the
academic environment.
This conference is a contribution in order to propel the OA movement
globally and especially in the countries of the South endorsing reflection
on issues related to the role of OA in the valorizing of scientific
research. It tries to show the different approaches and policies related to
this new model as well as the feedback and the role that libraries have to
play in this new scene. The objective of the conference is to promote the
exchange of experiences, views, and research results between researchers,
academics, and librarians from different disciplines, on related aspects to
the new models of scholarly communication. It will be a good occasion to
discuss how to offer solutions to common challenges.
It will provide an overview on the latest innovations in the field of OA to
STI and raise awareness of researchers and different stakeholders of the
benefits of OA and get them actively involved in this movement. Moreover,
there will be an opportunity to build networks of collaborative work
between researchers from different countries that could initiate joint
Academic researchers can submit papers in one of the following themes:
-          *Open Access Theories*: the theoretical foundations of the OA
movement and the reasons for its success or failure;
-          *Requirements of digital scholarly communication*: the
transition from traditional to digital scholarly communication and the role
of ICTs and networks to enhance the development of OA;
-          *Economic Approaches of OA*: the limits of the traditional
economic model of scientific communication and the emergence of new
business models related to OA and the development of digital output and
-          *Open Access Policies* :  the establishment of institutional,
national or international policies for access to STI;
-          *Implementing Open Access at universities*: achievement and
evaluation of OA resources such as open archives (disciplinary and
institutional repositories), Open Access Journals (OAJ), scholarly social
-          *Open Access and utilization of scientific research*: State of
the art and emerging new practices for researchers;
-          *Open Access to STI and Libraries*: role of the libraries and
the librarians in the establishment, management of OA services and the
promotion of OA ;
-          *Open Access, copyright and emerging forms of scholarship: *aspects
related to traditional and new forms of copyright, including Creative
Commons, and new forms of scholarship ;
-          *Scholarly communication and ethics: *aspects relating to the
quality and integrity of scholarship.
 *Important* *dates*
-          *February 15, 2014*               : call for abstracts
-          *March 30, 2014*                    : deadline for submission of
extended abstracts (2 pages)
-          *April 30, 2014*                      : Notification of
acceptance of abstracts
-          *July 30,  2014*                       : Deadline for submission
of full papers
-          *September 22, 2014*          : Acceptance Notification of full
-          *November, 27-28  2014*    : Conference
Authors interested in one of the themes of the conference are invited to
submit, in the first instance, long abstracts of their proposals before the
deadline as specified above in English, French or Arabic. Authors should
follow the instructions of submission as mentioned in the platform (they
should contain the title, problematic issues, methodology, the main
results, keywords and a brief bibliography). This text should be 2 pages
long, RTF, doc or docx formats, Times New Roman font, size 12, and
The authors of accepted abstracts will be asked later to submit the full
text according to the model which will be communicated to all concerned
authors in time.
Each full-text paper will be anonymously evaluated by two reviewers from
the scientific committee who should decide the final acceptance or refusal
of the paper.
*Scientific committee*

 -     *Alawi Al Hashimi*, University of Bahreïn, Bahreïn.
-     *Mihaele Banek Zorika*, Faculty of human and social sciences,
University of Zagreb, Croatia.
-     *Mohamed Ben Romdhane, *Higher Institute of Documentation, University
of Manouba , Tunisia.
-     *Mokhtar Ben Henda*, University of Bordeaux Montaigne, France.
-     *Mohamed Montassar Ben Slama, *Science college of Tunis, University
of Tunis El-Manar, Tunisia.
-     *Chaibdraatani Bentenbi*, University of Oran, Algeria.
-     *Christine Berthaud*, CCSD, HAL, France.
-     *Abdelmajid  Bouazza,* Sultan Quabus University,  Sultanat Oman.
-     *Azzeddine Bouderbane*, University of Constantine 2, Algeria.
-     *Chérifa* * Boukacem*, Lyon 1 - ELICO, URFIST Lyon, France.
-     *Hassen Chaabani, *University of Monastir, Tunisian Association of
Anthropology, Tunisia.
-     *Ghislaine Chartron, *CNAM-INTD, France.
-     *Madjid Dahmane, *National Library of Algeria, Algeria.
-     *Mamadou Diara, *School of Librarians, Archivists and Documentalists,
-     *Raja Fenniche, *Higher Institute of Documentation, University of
Manouba, Tunisia.
-     *Yassine Gargouri*, Institute of cognitives sciences, University of
Québec, Montréal, Canada.
-     *Wahid Gdoura*, Higher Institute of Documentation, University of
Manouba , Tunisia.
-     *Jean Claude* * Guédon*, University of Montréal, Canada.
-     *Sridhar Gutam*, Central Institute for  Subtropical Horticulture,
-     *Stevan Harnad*, College of Humanities sciences, University of
Québec, Canada.
-     *Nozha Ibnlkhayat, *Institute of information studies, Morocco.
-     *Naeema Jabr*, Sultan Quabus University,  Sultanat Oman.
-     *Iryna Kuchma, *EIFL, Ukraine.
-     *Saloua Mahmoud, *Higher Institute of Documentation, University of
Manouba , Tunisia.
-     *Stephan Maud, *College of information and Documentation, University
of Lebanon*,  *Lebanon.
-     *Abderrazak Mkadmi*, Middle East College, Sultanat of Oman.
-     *Heather Morrison, *School of Information Studies, University of
Ottawa, Canada.
-     *Tarek Ouerfelli*, Higher Institute of Documentation, University of
Manouba , Tunisia.
-     *Jean-Michel Salaün, *Ecole centrale de Lyon, France.
-     *Yemna Sayeb, *Institut Supérieur des Arts Multimédia de la Manouba,
University of Manouba , Tunisia.
-     *Sherif Kamel  Schaheen, * Cairo University, Egypt.
-     *René Schneider*, Haute Ecole de Gestion de Genève, Switzerland.
-     *Joachim Schopfel,* University of Lille 3, France.
-     *Benjamin Zapliko, *Institute of Social Sciences of Leibniz : GESIS,

 *Organizing committee*

 -     *Bessem Amira*, CNUDST.
-     *Slaheddine Ben Ali*, CNUDST.
-     *Chokri Ben Romdhane*, CNUDST.
-     *Hella Ghaffari Ben Jemia*, Science college of Tunis, University
of  Tunis
-     *Ibrahim Bounhas*, ISD, University of Manouba.
-     *Olfa Chater*, ISD, University of Manouba.
-     *Amel Chemli*, CNUDST.
-     *Raja Fenniche*, ISD, University of Manouba.
-     *Souheil Houissa*, ISD, University of Manouba.
-     *Houda Hamdi*, CNUDST
-     *Tarek Ouerfelli, *ISD, University of Manouba.
-     *Sami Oueslati*, ISD, University of Manouba.
-     *Rachid Zghibi*, ISD, University of Manouba.

 *Conference proceedings *
The conference proceedings will be published on paper form by the *ISD* and
distributed to speakers and participants to the conference. An Open Access
digital version will be published by the *CNUDST*.
*Registration information*
The registration will be open on the following platform of the conference:
Registration fees :
-          Teacher - Researcher / Professional: TTC 250 DT / 150 EURO TTC / $
200 incl.
-          Student (Masters / PhD): 150 DT TTC / 80 EURO TTC / $ 100 incl.
Registration fees include:
-          Participation in all scientific sessions
-          The binder kit
-          Coffee breaks
-          Lunches
*Contact *
*For further information, please visit the conference platform: *
Or contact :
-          *Conference email: *icoa2014 at sciencesconf.org
-          *Mohamed Ben Romdhane : *mbromdhane at yahoo.fr
-          *Tarek Ouerfelli : *tarek_ouerfelli at yahoo.fr

  *Higher Institute of Documentation*

 Campus of Manouba, 2010 Manouba, Tunisia

*Tel.* : (+216) 71 601 050 ; *Fax.* : (+216) 71 600 200
Website : www.isd.rnu.tn

  *National University Center for Scientific and Technical Documentation
Rue Menzel Bourguiba - 1030 - Tunis - TUNISIE    (coin avec Avenue Ouled
B.P. 85 -1002, Tunis Belvedere - Tunisia
Website : www.cnudst.rnrt.tn/
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