Colon Class and Lit Analysis

Gretchen Whitney gwhitney at UTK.EDU
Wed Feb 5 21:48:54 EST 2014

   I solicit your attention to

which is an interpretation of the principles of the Colon Classification 
scheme not for the shelving of library books but for the analysis of 
information resources.  This analytical protocol is most appropriate for 
those interested in scientific literature analysis.
    The analysis uses the concepts of PMEST and applies them not to 
macroliteratures but microliteratures, and enables the concepts to devolve 
the macroliteratures and microliteratures into groups of 5-7 bibliographic 
records that the human brain can assimilate and understand.
    The analysis points out an uncanny resemblance between PMEST and WWHWW 
(Personality, Matter, Energy, Space, and Time, and the journalistic Who, 
What, When, Where, and How (with How shifted into the third position), and 
the efforts of both to simply tell a story.
    The comparison of the two suggests that a spreadsheet, rather than a 
database, is the better expansion of the insights of the second into the 
concepts of the first.
    The author is missing a few details of the whole story, and insights 
would be appreciated as contributions.

    Thanks.  --gw
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School of Information Sciences
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