Analytical Methods for Technology Forecasting (Washington DC March 6, 2014) (UNCLASSIFIED)

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Save the date: March 6, 2014 at the Library of Congress, Washington DC Event 
title: "Analytical Methods for Technology Forecasting"
Registration will open soon, and there is a limited number of seats available.

This is a completely free event that will highlight various approaches and 
methods for performing technology forecasts.
Expect to learn about a wide range of projects -- from medicine to national 

So the question for the list is this -- Is there a unique project or approach 
that you would care to share either in a white paper, a poster session, or a 


Nancy G. Faget
Information Resources Center
Corporate Information Office
Computational & Information Sciences Directorate U.S. Army Research Laboratory
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Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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