"Web Science and the Mind" UQAM, Montreal, 7-18 July 2014

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Thu Oct 31 11:38:26 EDT 2013

*Theme of the Summer Institute:* Web Science and the mind


*Dates: *7 to 18 July 2014

*Language: *Owing to its international character, the Summer Institute will
be held entirely in English.

*The Institute is intended for:*

   - graduate and post-graduate students from the participating
   disciplines: cognitive science, neuroscience, evolutionary biology,
   computer science, psychology, philosophy
   - scientometrics, informatics, library science, network science --
   faculty members, scholars, engineers, and professionals

*Academic activities: *Contents will be presented through lectures, group
discussions, and poster sessions.

*Academic credit*: For students who wish to take part in the Summer
Institute for credit, click

*Partial list of speakers:*

   - Katy Borner (graphic webs of science)
   - Simon Dedeo (Wikipedia collective dynamics)
   - Sergey Dorogovtsev (network evolution)
   - Peter Gloor (collaborative networks
   - Jennfer Golbeck (social web)
   - Deborah Gordon (collective behaviour)
   - Wendy Hall (web science)
   - Jim Hendler (data web)
   - Tony Hey (science web)
   - Francis Heylighen (global brain)
   - Kaivan Kousha (webmetrics)
   - Richard Menary (extended mind)
   - Alexandre Monnin (web philosophy
   - Neylon Cameron (open science data-minin
   - Takashi Nishikawa (community structur)
   - Filippo Radicchi (network communities)
   - Rob Rupert (extended mind )
   - Judith Simon (socio-technical epistemology)
   - Mark Steyvers (wisdom of crowds)
   - Jeff Stibel (web & brain)
   - Phil Tetlow (web life)
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