A bibliometric investigation on China=?gb2312?Q?=A8CUK_?= collaboration

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A bibliometric investigation on China¨CUK collaboration in food and agriculture

Ping Zhou ¡¤ Yongfeng Zhong ¡¤ Meigen Yu

Based on data from the Web of Science, international collaboration between China and the UK in food and agriculture has been investigated from various perspectives. A new method has been created for classifying cross- or multidisciplinary fields. The comparative study focuses on China¡¯s collaboration with selected countries including the UK, the USA, Germany, Japan and India. The newly proposed Integrated Impact Indicator (I3) has been applied to evaluate publication impact. China¡¯s research activity in food and agriculture keeps strengthened and international collaboration reflected by number of publications has been increased in an exponential way. The increasing speed of internationally collaborated publications is higher than that of China¡¯s total publications. The USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, the UK and Germany are China¡¯s top partners. China-UK joint publications increased in a fluctuating way but the share in China¡¯s total internationally collaborated publications decreased. China¡¯s fast increasing international publications and impact in food agriculture implies collaboration potential of this country, and thus providing space for the UK and other countries to explore further collaboration possibilities. The fact that the average impact of China-UK collaboration is higher than domestic publications of either country indicates that collaboration benefits both sides. 
Availabe at: 
Scientometrics (2013) 97:267¨C285 

Professor, Zhejiang University
Department of Information Resource Management
Hangzhou, China
Google Scholar: http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=4EOaTNcAAAAJ&hl=en
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