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	1st Announcement  

	Call for Papers 

	10th International Conference on Webometrics, Informetrics and
Scientometrics (WIS) 


	15th COLLNET Meeting  

	September 5-7, 2014 Ilmenau, Germany [1]/collnet2014 

	Hosted by Ilmenau University of Technology and COLLNET 

	General Chair: Hildrun Kretschmer (Germany, China)  

	Steering Committee Chair: Bernd Markscheffel (Germany) 

	Call for Oral Presentations,  

	Call for Poster Presentations  

	 Important Dates: 

 	*March 03, 2014 (Deadline), Extended Abstract, (3 pages, abstracts
less than 2.5 pages are not accepted )

	            Please send your extended abstracts to: 

	            Hildrun Kretschmer 

	            kretschmer.h at [2] 

	            Please send also a copy to:  

	            Bernd.Markscheffel at [3]  

 	*April 07, 2014, Acceptance Notification for oral presentation
 	*May 26, 2014 (Deadline), Abstract for Poster Presentation (1 page)
 	*June 09, 2014 (Deadline), Full Paper

	(Camera-ready version, maximum 10 pages including tables, figures,

	The extended abstracts will be peer reviewed by the Programme
Committee. The accepted full papers will be published in the

 	*July 14, 2014 (Deadline), Registration 
 	*September 3-5, 2014, Conference

	Programme Committee: 

	COLLNET Members [4]    


	Local Programme Committee: 

	Bernd Markscheffel 

	Daniel Fischer  

	Bastian Eine 

	Daniela Büttner 

	Regional Chairs: 

	Regional Chair of Africa, America, Australia and Europe: 

	            Valentina Markusova (Russia) 

	Regional Chair of China: 

	            Liang Liming (China) 

	Regional Chair of India: 

	            Ramesh Kundra (India) 

	                        Team:  N.K. Wadhwa (India) 

	                                    Divya Srivastava (India) 

	                                    Sujit Bhattacharya (India) 

	Regional Chair of Iran: 

	            Farideh Osareh (Iran) 


	The broad focus of the conference is on collaboration and
communication in science and technology; science policy; quantitative
aspects of science of science; and combination and integration of
qualitative and quantitative approaches in study of scientific

	The conference thus aims to contribute to evidence-based and informed
knowledge about scientific research and practices which in turn may
further provide input to institutional, regional, national and
international research and innovation policy making. 

	Theoretical, methodological and applied aspects, for example: 

	-          Emerging issues in Scientometrics / Informetrics
/webometrics and history 

	-          Science Policy and collaboration 

	-          New Metrics (Altmetrics), their Potential Value and their
Relationship to Established Measures 

	-          Collaboration Studies for Science & Society 

	-          Collaboration, Knowledge Management & Industrial

	-          Collaborative Bridge between Academic Research and

	-          Techniques for Collaboration Studies 

	-          Visualization Techniques in Collaboration Studies 

	-          Quantitative Analysis of S&T Innovations 

	-          Informetrics Laws and Distributions, Mathematical Models
of Communication and Collaboration 

	-          Nature and Growth of Science and of Collaboration in
Science and its Relation with Technological Output 

	-          Evaluation Indicators   

	-          Collaboration in Science and in Technology from both
Quantitative and Qualitative Points of View 

	Please, note that these examples listed above give a broad outline of
the scope of the workshop theme but do not limit it.  

	Ilmenau University of Technology 

	Ilmenau University of Technology is the only university in the
federal state of Thuringia with the title “Technische
Universität”. Research and education is focused on engineering with
strong links to economics and natural sciences.  It was founded in
1894 and has a total of 5 academic faculties and about 7,200 students.
Personal care for students from professors, tutors and student
mentors; a campus with modern buildings; only short distances apart; a
variety of social activities and social support; many student
associations as well as diverse cultural and sports activities are
among the distinguishing features of TU Ilmenau. 

	COLLNET and WIS (Webometrics, Informetrics, Scientometrics) 

	COLLNET is a global interdisciplinary research network of scholars
who are concerned to study aspects of collaboration in science and in
technology (see COLLNET web site at: [5]). This
network of interdisciplinary scholars was established in January 2000
in Berlin with Hildrun Kretschmer as coordinator. Since that time
there have been thirteen meetings: the first in Berlin, September
2000, the 2nd in New Delhi, February 2001 and the 3rd in Sydney (in
association with the 8th ISSI Conference), July 2001. The 4th COLLNET
Meeting took place on August 29th in 2003 in Beijing in conjunction
with the 9th International ISSI Conference; the First International
Workshop on Webometrics, Informetrics and Scientometrics (WIS) and 5th
COLLNET Meeting in Roorkee, India, in March 2004. The 6th COLLNET
Meeting took place in association with the 10th ISSI Conference in
Stockholm, Sweden, in July 2005. 

	The Second International Workshop on Webometrics, Informetrics and
Scientometrics (WIS) and 7th COLLNET Meeting was organized in Nancy,
France, in May 2006.  

	The Third International Conference on WIS and Science and Society &
Eighth COLLNET Meeting took place in New Delhi, India, in March 2007
( [6]), the Fourth International Conference
on WIS & Ninth COLLNET Meeting in Berlin, Germany in July 2008
( [7]) and the Fifth International
Conference on WIS & Tenth COLLNET Meeting in Dalian, China, in
September 2009 ( [8]).The Sixth
International Conference on WIS & Eleventh COLLNET Meeting took place
in Mysore, India, in October 2010,the Seventh International Conference
on WIS & Twelfth COLLNET Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, in September
2011 ( [9]), the 8th International
Conference on WIS & 13th COLLNET Meeting in Seoul, Korea, October,
2012, Seoul, Korea, [10]; the 9th
International Conference on WIS & 14th COLLNET Meeting, August, 2013
in Tartu, Estonia,

	Conference venue  

	All Conference sessions take place at great lecture hall building
“Humboldtbau” at university campus at Ilmenau University of

	For more details of the conference, please have a view at the
website: [12]/collnet2014  

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