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This week’s edition of Science has a special focus on scientific communication, open access etc. – see ToC below. The article by John Bohannon will probably stir some debate!

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Table of Contents


4 October 2013

Volume 342, Issue 6154


In this week's issue:


Special Section


Introduction to Special Issue
Scientific Discourse: Buckling at the Seams<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35853&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Richard Stone and Barbara Jasny

Special Issue News
The Rise of Open Access<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35854&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>

The accelerating pace of scientific publishing and the rise of open access, as depicted by xkcd.com cartoonist Randall Munroe.

Who's Afraid of Peer Review?<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35855&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
John Bohannon

A spoof paper concocted by Science reveals little or no scrutiny at many open-access journals.

The Seer of Science Publishing<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35856&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Tania Rabesandratana

Vitek Tracz was ahead of the pack on open access. Now he wants to rewrite the rules of peer review.

The Power of Negative Thinking<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35857&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Jennifer Couzin-Frankel

Gaining ground in the ongoing struggle to coax researchers to share negative results.

Hey, You've Got to Hide Your Work Away<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35858&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
David Malakoff

Debate is simmering over how and when to publish sensitive data.

Cloak-and-Dagger Publishing<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35859&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
David Malakoff

Classified journals aim to solve a thorny problem: how to rigorously peer review and share sensitive government-funded findings that officials don't want sent to regular journals.

Lock Up the Genome, Lock Down Research?<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35860&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Eliot Marshall

Researchers say that gene patents impede data sharing and innovation; patent lawyers say there's no evidence for this.

The Annual Meeting: Improving What Isn't Broken<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35861&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Jeffrey Mervis

Annual meetings are moneymakers for most scientific societies, and scientists continue to flock to them. But as the world changes, how long can the status quo hold?

What's Lost When a Meeting Goes Virtual<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35862&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Jeffrey Mervis

This summer, NASA's Lunar Science Forum became the largest scientific gathering to embrace the new world of cyber meetings. The experience drew mixed reviews.

Meetings That Flatter, but May Not Deliver<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35863&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Jon Cohen

"Predatory" conferences—meetings, sometimes sparsely attended, that seem to come into being primarily to make money—have become a cottage industry in scientific communication.

Great Presenters<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35864&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Jon Cohen

Bonnie Bassler and Larry Smarr have a gift for enthralling audiences. They share advice on how to make powerful public presentations.

Gut Instinct<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35865&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Jon Cohen

Bonnie Bassler and Larry Smarr have a gift for enthralling audiences. They share advice on how to make powerful public presentations.

Special Issue Policy Forum
Scholarly Communication: Cultural Contexts, Evolving Models<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35866&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Diane Harley


Research Summaries


This Week in Science<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35867&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Editor summaries of this week's papers.

Editors' Choice<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35868&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Highlights of the recent literature.




Improving Scientific Communication<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35869&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Marcia McNutt


News of The Week


Around the World<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35870&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>

In science news around the world, Oak Ridge National Laboratory is cutting its staff by 11%, Mexico is experiencing a cholera outbreak, flu virologist Ron Fouchier loses a court case protesting the Dutch government's order to apply for an export permit before submitting a manuscript on H5N1 to Science, and more.

Random Sample<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35871&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>

The Catlin Seaview Survey launches its Global Reef Record, with panoramic, high-resolution images of the world's coral reefs, as well as other data such as water temperatures and turbidity.


Astronaut Cady Coleman, who advised Sandra Bullock on her role as an astronaut in the new film Gravity, sits down for a Three Q's with Science.



News & Analysis


Science Funding
U.S. Shutdown Spares an 'Essential' Few<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35874&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Jocelyn Kaiser et al.

A U.S. government shutdown is wreaking havoc with research funding agencies and disrupting federal science projects, but a few "essential" scientists are still on the job.

Climate Science
The IPCC Gains Confidence in Key Forecast<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35875&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Richard A. Kerr

The latest international climate assessment may appear to rubberstamp the same old guess of how bad global warming will get, but the science is now actually much advanced.

A Stronger IPCC Report<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35876&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Richard A. Kerr

Last week's climate assessment report substantially strengthened an already highly confident scientific consensus and took a moderate line on some contentious points.

Climate Science
For Researchers, IPCC Leaves a Deep Impression<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35877&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Eli Kintisch

It's not clear how much impact a massive new report on climate change will have on policymakers, but it is clear that the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has left a deep mark on global science.

Brain Stimulation Sparks 'Machiavellian' Choices<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35878&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Elizabeth Culotta

A study establishes a specific brain region, the right lateral prefrontal cortex (rLPFC), as a crucial nerve center for fairness.

Large-Scale Gene Comparisons Boost Tree of Life Studies<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35879&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Elizabeth Pennisi

Building family trees is getting a lot easier with new methods that pull out hundreds of genetic markers to compare.

NIH Seeks Better Database for Genetic Diagnosis<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35880&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Eliot Marshall

NIH builds ClinGen—a clinical reference site for all human gene variants.


News Focus


The Art of Eradicating Polio<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35881&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Leslie Roberts

The world is close to wiping out the poliovirus, but Nigeria threatens to undo it all. Muhammad Ali Pate is on a mission to change that.






Books et al.


Physics and Biology
From Matter to Self-Organizing Life<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35883&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Arne Traulsen

Through a collection of 50 questions and associated stories, Eigen offers a wide-ranging consideration of "the physical nature of information and its role in life processes."

Energizing Consensus<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35884&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Saleem H. Ali

Rejecting claims that we must choose between traditional fuels and clean energy, Levi argues both must be sought in new ways.

Books Received<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35885&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>

A listing of books received at Science during the week ending 27 September 2013.


Policy Forum


Land Use
Managing Forests and Fire in Changing Climates<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35886&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
S. L. Stephens et al.

Policy focused on fire suppression only delays the inevitable.
[Get Instant Access]<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=1955&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>




Computer Science
Future Science<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35887&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
James A. Evans

Can predicting an article's success change science? [Also see Report by Wang et al.]

Plant Science
Small RNA—the Secret of Noble Rot<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35888&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
David Baulcombe

Small RNA from a fungal pathogen is transferred to cells of a plant host where it silences the mRNA for defense proteins. [Also see Report by Weiberg et al.]

Turn the Molecule This Way for a Faster Reaction<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35889&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Michael C. Heaven

Molecular beams and ultracold atom-trapping methods resolve the different reaction rates of the cis and trans conformers of a flexible organic molecule. [Also see Report by Chang et al.]

Social Factors in Epidemiology<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35890&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Chris T. Bauch and Alison P. Galvani

The coupling of social and biological contagion in human populations can have positive or negative outcomes. [Also see Perspective by Kahan]

History of Science
Public Science 2.0—Back to the Future<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35891&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Carsten Könneker and Beatrice Lugger

Modern dialog formats in science communication are reminiscent of a culture of public discourse and involvement in past centuries.

Plant Science
Fine-Tuning Photosynthesis<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35892&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Jean-David Rochaix

A potassium channel helps to fine-tune the photosynthetic machinery of plants to changes in environmental conditions. [Also see Report by Carraretto et al.]

A Looser Clock to Cure Jet Lag<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35893&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Michael H. Hastings

A neuropeptide that signals in the brain's master circadian clock may be the key to overcoming the symptoms of malaise associated with jet lag. [Also see Research Article by Yamaguchi et al.]

Social Science
A Risky Science Communication Environment for Vaccines<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35894&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Dan M. Kahan

Neglecting the science of science communication puts the value of decision-relevant science at risk. [Also see Perspective by Bauch and Galvani]


Research Articles


Integrative Annotation of Variants from 1092 Humans: Application to Cancer Genomics<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35895&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Ekta Khurana et al.

Regions under strong selection in the human genome identify noncoding regulatory elements with possible roles in disease.

Mice Genetically Deficient in Vasopressin V1a and V1b Receptors Are Resistant to Jet Lag<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35896&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Yoshiaki Yamaguchi et al.

In mice, the pace of recovery from jet lag is partly determined by vasopressin signaling in a certain region of the brain. [Also see Perspective by Hastings]




Nitrogen Isotopic Composition and Density of the Archean Atmosphere<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35897&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Bernard Marty et al.

Earth’s Archean atmosphere contained roughly as much nitrogen between 3.0 and 3.5 billion years ago as it does today.

Following Gene Duplication, Paralog Interference Constrains Transcriptional Circuit Evolution<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35898&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Christopher R. Baker et al.

Interactions between recent gene duplicates may create functional interference, selecting for regulatory complexity.

Surviving in a Marine Desert: The Sponge Loop Retains Resources Within Coral Reefs<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35899&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Jasper M. de Goeij et al.

Sponges take up dissolved organic matter and convert it into consumable cellular material.

Allele-Specific Silencing of Mutant Myh6 Transcripts in Mice Suppresses Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35900&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Jianming Jiang et al.

In a mouse model, heart disease can be delayed by a therapy that prevents expression of the disease-causing mutation.

A Thylakoid-Located Two-Pore K+ Channel Controls Photosynthetic Light Utilization in Plants<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35901&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Luca Carraretto et al.

The electrochemical gradient used to make adenosine triphosphate in photosynthesis is modulated by potassium counterflow. [Also see Perspective by Rochaix]

Fungal Small RNAs Suppress Plant Immunity by Hijacking Host RNA Interference Pathways<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35902&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Arne Weiberg et al.

A pathogenic fungus delivers small RNA molecules to disable gene regulatory systems in the target plant. [Also see Perspective by Baulcombe]

Crystal Structure of Na+, K+-ATPase in the Na+-Bound State<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35903&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Maria Nyblom et al.

The location of three bound sodium ions and the mechanism of sodium release in a key plasma membrane ion pump are revealed.

Quantifying Long-Term Scientific Impact<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35904&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Dashun Wang et al.

Early citation history can be used to model the total number of citations a paper will receive and to compare journals. [Also see Perspective by Evans]

Selective Gas Transport Through Few-Layered Graphene and Graphene Oxide Membranes<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35905&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Hyo Won Kim et al.

Stacked graphene and graphene oxide membranes prepared with gas flow channels exhibit tunable gas separation performance.

Ultrathin, Molecular-Sieving Graphene Oxide Membranes for Selective Hydrogen Separation<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35906&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Hang Li et al.

Ultrathin graphene oxide membranes show enhanced separation selectivity for hydrogen gas.

Specific Chemical Reactivities of Spatially Separated 3-Aminophenol Conformers with Cold Ca+ Ions<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35907&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Yuan-Pin Chang et al.

A molecular beam technique measures the different reactivities of a compound’s distinct rotational conformations. [Also see Perspective by Heaven]




Science Podcast: 4 October Show<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35908&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>

Listen to a special show dedicated to science communication in which we explore pressures and predators.


New Products


New Products<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35909&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>

A weekly roundup of information on newly offered instrumentation, apparatus, and laboratory materials of potential interest to researchers.


From the AAAS Office of Publishing and Member Services


Science Webinar Series
Winning the Translational Race: Making Good Choices in Biomarker Assay Development for the Clinic<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35910&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
Richard Kennedy and James A. Timmons

[Science - Cover]<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=22970&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>
About the Cover<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35911&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>

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Science Express<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=1912&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>


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Science Careers<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=658&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>


Science Signaling<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=1910&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>


Science Translational Medicine<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=1911&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>

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Listen to a special show dedicated to science communication in which we explore pressures and predators.
Listen now<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=14433&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>.

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Sex Before the Storm<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35847&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01> Source of Mysterious Medieval Eruption Identified<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35792&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01> Controversial Proposal for Wolf Conservation Gets a Reboot<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35724&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01> NIH Swears Off Science Education<http://app.aaas-science.org/e/er?s=1906&lid=35702&elq=079a52cbaaf84d909a634bfee2bb2a01>




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