STI ENID conference 2014

Valentina Markusova valentina.markusova at GMAIL.COM
Thu Nov 7 07:54:58 EST 2013

Dear Ed,

How are you doing? I hope your moving ability is improving.

Good to know about this forthcoming conference.

We (me and Sasha Libkind) are in process to finish final report about
competitive funding of Russian universities' performance. I think our data
(we have verified name of 352 universities ) could be useful for you
because of the Leiden ranking.

I hope in next month we could prepare an abstract and would like to invite
you as a co-author and maybe ask your help to build a beautiful map.

Looking forward to hear from you.



On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 4:46 PM, Noijons, E. <noyons at>wrote:

> Adminstrative info for SIGMETRICS (for example unsubscribe):
>  Dear Colleagues,
> The next STI ENID conference (edition 2014) will be held in Leiden on 3-5
> September.
> More information about theme, deadlines and webpage will be announced soon.
> Hope to meet you all again in Leiden next year!
> Ed
> Ed Noyons
> CWTS, Leiden University (
> + 31 5273909/ noyons at
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