A web-based course “Science, Technology & Society” developed by IIT Guwahati/ NPTEL is now freely available

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Sat Mar 16 23:54:59 EDT 2013

A web-based course* “*Science, Technology & Society” (
http://nptel.iitm.ac.in/courses/109103024/), developed by IIT Guwahati
under the Indian National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning
(NPTEL), is now freely available to lifelong learners.

This course contains eight modules, namely:

   - Science as Culture Social Context of the Production of Scientific
   - Organisation of Production of Scientific Knowledge and
   Professionalisation of Science
   - Society and Culture: Resources and Legitimation of Knowledge
   - Perspectives on Science-Technology Relationship
   - Science in Colonial and Post-colonial India
   - Emerging Technologies
   - New Ethical Codes for New Technologies: Responses of the Civil Society
   Discussion and Forum
   - Science: From Public Resource to Intellectual Property

Further Details: *“*Science, Technology & Society” (
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