the debate on bibliometrics of individual researchers

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Dear all,

Paul Wouters, director of CWTS at Leiden University, reflects on *special
plenary session on the evaluative use of individual bibliometrics* at the 14
th ISSI Conference <> two weeks ago in Vienna.  The
plenary session aimed to give a new stimulus to the debate how to apply,
and how not to apply, performance indicators of individual scientists and

A second thematic session on individual level bibliometrics will take at
the next conference on science & tecnnology indicators, the STI
twists and turns: science as a socio-economic endeavour”,
in Berlin, 4-6 September 2013. There, we will take the next step in
specifying guidelines. In parallel, this conference will also host a
plenary session on the topic of bibliometric standards in general,
organized by iFQ <>, CWTS and

We look forward to further debate on these issues.

Best regards,

Ismael Rafols
*Ingenio* (CSIC-UPV)  & *SPRU*, Univ. Sussex (Visiting Fellow)
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