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Using "Analyze Results" at the Web-of-Science (WoS), it is possible to save
a file "analyze.txt" that contains the information needed to make a journal
overlay maps on top of the 10,000+ journals included in the JCR 2011
(without downloading the records!). The routine analyze.exe (at ) also provides the
Rao-Stirling diversity value of the resulting map as an indicator of the
interdisciplinarity in the retrieval. The system works also with large sets
using VOSViewer for the representation (label map, heat map, and cluster
density map).


For further instructions and elaboration see the most recent version of our
forthcoming paper: 

Leydesdorff, L., Rafols, I., & Chen, C. (in press). Interactive Overlays of
Journals and the Measurement of Interdisciplinarity on the basis of
Aggregated Journal-Journal Citations. Journal of the American Society for
Information Science and Technology; available as preprint at and/or


Feel free to provide feedback to further improve the system. The objective
is to make this work smoothly between WoS and VOSViewer in terms of
providing maps of science and interdisciplinarity-indicators. The maps can
be animated by bringing them into PowerPoint (because the basemap in the
background is stable). 


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