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Hola Isidro:
Estoy interesado en el trabajo que mencionas ¿Podrías enviarme una copia?

Saludos desde Perú

2013/4/24 Isidro F. Aguillo <isidro.aguillo at>

> Adminstrative info for SIGMETRICS (for example unsubscribe):
> Cybermetrics Lab is using its old-fashioned webometric approach to the
> altmetrics revolution. This chapter is our newest recent contribution and
> as it is published in a non-cheap monograph and perhaps you can find
> difficult to obtain a copy, we offer the option of requesting it directly
> from us. Please contact me using the personal email, do not send the
> request to the full list!
> The Ranking Web and the “World-Class” Universities
> Building World-Class Universities. Global Perspectives on Higher Education
> Volume 25, 2013, pp 197-217
> Isidro F. Aguillo & Enrique Orduña-Malea
> isidro.aguillo at
> The purpose of this paper is to discuss the new developments in the
> methodology used for building the Ranking Web of Universities, also called
> the Webometrics Ranking (WebR) . Contrary to other rankings that ignore
> caveats and shortcomings in order to maintain inter-year stability, the
> WebR ranking is evolving for improving the reliability of sources, the
> descriptive power of the quantitative indicators and the justification of
> unexpected or discrepant results. The paper intends to show that the WebR
> ranking offers not only a far larger coverage, including universities in
> emerging and developing countries, but an evaluation model that takes into
> account all the academic missions as a whole. The current emphasis on
> so-called world-class universities, basically research intensive
> institutions, offers a very narrow overview of the performance and impact
> of the academic systems of many countries.
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