Adding social tools to the future editions of the Ranking Web (webometrics)

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Cybermetrics Lab is using its old-fashioned webometric approach to the 
altmetrics revolution. This chapter is our newest recent contribution 
and as it is published in a non-cheap monograph and perhaps you can find 
difficult to obtain a copy, we offer the option of requesting it 
directly from us. Please contact me using the personal email, do not 
send the request to the full list!

The Ranking Web and the “World-Class” Universities
Building World-Class Universities. Global Perspectives on Higher 
Education Volume 25, 2013, pp 197-217

Isidro F. Aguillo & Enrique Orduña-Malea
isidro.aguillo at

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the new developments in the 
methodology used for building the Ranking Web of Universities, also 
called the Webometrics Ranking (WebR) . Contrary to other rankings that 
ignore caveats and shortcomings in order to maintain inter-year 
stability, the WebR ranking is evolving for improving the reliability of 
sources, the descriptive power of the quantitative indicators and the 
justification of unexpected or discrepant results. The paper intends to 
show that the WebR ranking offers not only a far larger coverage, 
including universities in emerging and developing countries, but an 
evaluation model that takes into account all the academic missions as a 
whole. The current emphasis on so-called world-class universities, 
basically research intensive institutions, offers a very narrow overview 
of the performance and impact of the academic systems of many countries.


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