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PhD position - Department of Cardiovascular Sciences & Department of Managerial Economics, Strategy and Innovation
(Ref. BAP-2013-112)

The department of Cardiovascular Sciences is looking for a PhD fellow to chart the evolution of publishing in cardiovascular sciences in the changing landscape of research funding and research evaluation. This is a joint project with the Centre for R&D monitoring of the Department of Managerial Economics, Strategy and Innovation.

PhD position - Department of Cardiovascular Sciences & Department of Managerial Economics, Strategy and Innovation
The laboratory of Experimental Cardiology, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, has an active research program in cardiac cell biology focusing on calcium handling, ion channels and excitability, and studying remodeling in ischemic heart disease. Since January 2013, the department of Cardiovascular Sciences houses the journal Cardiovascular Research (editor-in-chief, K. Sipido, deputy editors P. Holvoet, S. Janssens, A. Luttun & M. Sampaolesi from the dept. Development & Regeneration).
Publishing is a major component of the scientific process as the means for sharing data and bringing results in the public domain. Publications reflect the activity of scientists and the use of funding. Metrics of publication are increasingly used in the assessment processes of institutes, grant allocation and individual scientists. The dynamics underlying these metrics depend on many variables, including the specificity of the domain and its position in the landscape of funding and research actors.
The project will be supported and guided by the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, prof. K. Sipido, and the Faculty of Business and Economics, prof. W. Glanzel. Prof. Glanzel is leads a research team at the CENTRE FOR R&D MONITORING (ECOOM<>), a research centre funded by the Flemish Government dedicated to the development of R&D, innovation, and technology indicators. The center is active in scientific research in the fields of bibliometrics, technometrics and innovation.
This PhD project will explore the evolution and underlying mechanisms of publications and metrics in cardiovascular sciences. The candidate will collect data on publication output in the cardiovascular sciences, growth of research activities, sources of funding, journal characteristics and growth. The data will be put into the perspective of the global biomedical research activities and publication patterns, and the evolution of funding policies.

The applicant must have a Master's degree with distinction. Candidates should have expert training in the biomedical field with solid knowledge in data handling and statistics, or expertise in data mining, statistics and econometrics with knowledge of the biomedical field.

A full-time position for 4 years with a PhD Fellowship.

For more information please contact Prof. dr. Karin Sipido, tel.: +32 16 3 30815, mail: karin.sipido at<mailto:karin.sipido at> or Mrs. Christel Huysmans, tel.: +32 16 3 30697, mail: christel.huysmans at<mailto:christel.huysmans at>.
You can apply for this job no later than June 30, 2014 via the online application tool<>

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