Nov. 15/16, 2012 - Introduction to bibliometrics and scientometrics. Cologne, Germany

Strotmann, Andreas Andreas.Strotmann at GESIS.ORG
Mon Oct 29 09:15:54 EDT 2012
Bibliometrics and Scientometrics
Lecturers: Andreas Strotmann, Ph.D. and Prof. Dangzhi Zhao, Ph.D.
15. - 16. November 2012
Bibliometric methods connect to traditional analytic methods of the social sciences in many ways, but come with their own unique challenges with respect to the transformation of "raw" bibliographic information into bibliometrically analyzable data. This workshop introduces participants to methods for constructing and for analyzing bibliometric datasets, with a focus on both the potential and the limitations of bibliometric methodologies in social science research applications.
We plan to conduct the workshop as a combination of introductory lectures and hands-on-sessions. The workshop targets scientists at all levels who plan to employ bibliometric techniques in their research.
The workshop aims to provide an introduction to methods, techniques and strategies of bibliometric or scientrometric analysis.

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