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Paul Jordan (of NIH) and I published a study a year ago about NIH grants and
resultant publications. Figure 1 (lower left) shows that, when the data are
grouped by initial grant year, numbers of articles per grant per year have
been decreasing for the past 20 years or so. Although some the recent change
in slope can be explained by the fact that publication counts are not yet
complete for active grants due to publication time lags, I don't think that
can account for the decrease seen in the 1990s. This analysis does lump all
grant types and durations together - see Table 5 for scope in terms of
numbers of grants and articles considered in the study. It is very possible
that numbers of papers per grant are increasing for certain types. But on
the whole, it looks like the number is actually decreasing.


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Has anyone done a longitudinal study of whether the number of papers
emanating from each grant is increasing?






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