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 TITLE:          Global biopesticide research trends: a bibliometric
                assessment (Review, English)
AUTHOR:         Sinha, B
                2012. p.95-101 INDIAN COUNC AGRICULTURAL RES, NEW DELHI

                 GARFIELD E         CURR CONTENTS          32:5     1990;
                 GARFIELD E         NATURE                227:669   1970

KEYWORDS:       Agriculture; Bacillus thuringiensis; Biological control;
                Biopesticides; Botanical pesticides; Environment

ABSTRACT:       Combined realization of the negative effects of chemical
pesticides and the positive attributes of biopesticide led to intensive research programmes on the later by both public and private institutions across nations. This has generated a knowledge pool and accumulated vast scientific literature. This paper tries to capture the nature of basic research in biopesticide and growth of the discipline during the last four decades. Bibliometric methods such as analysis of title-word and author keywords have been used to capture direction of research and to identify thrust areas of research. Growth of biopesticide research output has been encouraging, particularly since 1996. Microbial pesticides, particularly Bacillus thuringiensis-related research has dominated the discipline so far. The paper also identifies the leading institutes, countries, and the nature of inter-country as well as inter-institutional collaboration. As in most other disciplines of science, United States had an upper hand in biopesticide research, followed distantly by India. Two aspects that need immediate attention are the decline in participation of industry and international collaboration in biopesticide research, both of which are critical for developing cost-effective and environment- friendly pesticides having world-wide application.

AUTHOR ADDRESS: B Sinha, Zool Survey India, Arunachal Pradesh Reg Ctr,
                Senki Valley 791113, Itanagar, India
TITLE:          Citation classics in main pain research journals
                (Article, English)
AUTHOR:         Li, Z; Wu, FX; Yang, LQ; Sun, YM; Lu, ZJ; Yu, WF
SOURCE:         JOURNAL OF ANESTHESIA 26 (1). FEB 2012. p.85-93 SPRINGER
                TOKYO, TOKYO
SEARCH TERM(S):  GARFIELD E         JAMA-J AM MED ASSOC   257:52    1987

KEYWORDS:       Citation classic; Pain; Literature survey

ABSTRACT:       The number of citations of an article in scientific
journals reflects its impact on a specific biomedical field and its recognition in the scientific community. In the present study, we identified and analyzed the characteristics of the 100 most frequently cited articles published between 1970 and 2010 in journals pertaining to pain research and related fields. These articles were identified using the database of the Science Citation Index (1970 to present). The most cited article received 3,017 citations and the least cited article received 302 citations, with a mean of 585 citations per article. These citation classics were published in six high-impact journals, led by Pain
(84 articles). Of the 100 articles, 39 were observational studies, 25 were review articles, and 20 concerned basic science. The articles originated from 14 countries, with the United States contributing 47 articles; 67 institutions produced these 100 top-cited articles, led by National Institutes of Health of the United States (8 articles) and University College London (6 articles); 18 persons authored 2 or more of the top-cited articles. This analysis of the top citation classics allows for the recognition of major advances in pain research and gives a historical perspective on the scientific progress of this specialty.

AUTHOR ADDRESS: WF Yu, Mil Med Coll 2, Dept Anesthesiol, Eastern
                Hepatobiliary Surg Hosp, Shanghai, Peoples R China
TITLE:          Citation success: Evidence from economic history journal
                publications (Article, English)
AUTHOR:         Di Vaio, G; Waldenstrom, D; Weisdorf, J

SEARCH TERM(S):  MERTON RK          SCIENCE               159:56    1968;
                 BIBLIOMETR*   ;
                  KEYWORDS:       Citation analysis; Scientific impact; Economic history;
                Bibliometrics; Research diffusion; Poisson regression

ABSTRACT:       This study examines the determinants of citation success
among authors who have recently published their work in economic history journals. Besides offering clues about how to improve one's scientific impact, our citation analysis also sheds light on the state of the field of economic history. Consistent with our expectations, we find that full professors, authors appointed at economics and history departments, and authors working in Anglo-Saxon and German countries are more likely to receive citations than other scholars. Long and co-authored articles are also a factor for citation success. We find similar patterns when assessing the same authors' citation success in economics journals. As a novel feature, we demonstrate that the diffusion of research publication of working papers, as well as conference and workshop presentations - has a first-order positive impact on the citation rate. (C) 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

AUTHOR ADDRESS: D Waldenstrom, Uppsala Univ, Dept Econ, POB 513, SE-75120
                Uppsala, Sweden


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