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Mon Jan 9 07:32:43 EST 2012

Dear all,
I am studying about “historiographical map of Engineering field”. Unfortunately, I was encountered with an error when extracting data form Web of Science (WOS) database and when imported data in HistCite software.
I am mention step by step:
How extracting data is step1: 1-500; step2: Full record plus cited References; step3: save to plain text (Save). But when data is imported in Histcite software, only one record is read by HistCite software. Shown error in log is “File: "C:\Documents and ettings\masadi\Desktop\HM\Data\savedrecs1-500.txt" Line: "FN Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge " Size: 2.02 MB (2116261 bytes) Format: ISI-WOS
Reading data. Use of uninitialized value $f in hash element at /HC/ line 140,  chunk 1. Use of uninitialized value $f in hash element at /HC/ line 146,  chunk 1.  done in 1 secs Total records: 1, Unique records: 1 (new)
Years: 2011 – 2011 Indexing records..  done ;     Records: 1; Collection span: 2011 – 2011”

Please, help me how I can save this data and overcome with this problem.
It is very important for me that I known about it.

Thanks in advance,
Saman Saghafi
Software Engineer
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