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Which cities' paper output and citation impact are above expectation in
information science? Some improvements of our previous mapping approaches

Lutz Bornmann and Loet Leydesdorff


Bornmann and Leydesdorff (in press) proposed methods based on Web-of-Science
data to identify field-specific excellence in cities where highly-cited
papers were published more frequently than can be expected. Top performers
in output are cities in which authors are located who publish a number of
highly-cited papers that is statistically significantly higher than can be
expected for these cities. Using papers published between 1989 and 2009 in
information science improvements to the methods of Bornmann and Leydesdorff
(in press) are presented and an alternative mapping approach based on the
indicator I3 is introduced here. The I3 indicator was introduced by
Leydesdorff and Bornmann (in press). 


Available at 


Software and short manuals are available at and , respectively.


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