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I am writing as Chair of the Metrics SIG (SIG/MET) to give you further information on our Student Paper Contest and to remind you that our deadline is midnight EST on the 10th April.
SIG/MET (, encourages the development and networking of all those interested in informetrics.  For the past decade the Metrics SIG has been a virtual SIG.  Its main activity was the SIGMETRICS list.  However in 2010, on the initiative of Drs. Cassidy Sugimoto and Stasa Milojevic from Indiana University, over fifty ASIST endorsed the conversion of  SIG/MET into a fully functioning ASIST SIG and in October 2010 SIG/MET was formed into a fully functioning ASIST SIG.  
One of our main initiatives, the Student Paper Contest (, is designed to provide feedback on promising doctoral research in informetrics.  Our contest is open to all doctoral students and the judging will not take into account whether the sturdy is a member of ASIST or lives in North America.  Entrants will receive narrative feedback on matters such as the potential for publication and quality of the writing.  In addition, each paper will be graded by our reviewers for potential for publication and quality of the writing and a winner and runner-up (and depending on the quality of the entrants, commended paupers) selected from the most highly rated papers.  We plan to give a cash prize of $250 to the winner and one year’s student membership of ASIST to both the winner and runner-up.
Our team of expert reviewers (Judit Bar Illan, Kevin Boyack, Jonathan Levitt, Kate McCain, Stasa Milojevic, Ronald Roussueau, Cassidy Sugimoto, Mike Thelwall and Dietmar Wolfram) have a wealth of expertise in both reviewing and conducting informetric research.  I paste below the call posted by Chaoqun Ni, our Officer for the Student Paper Contest.
Best regards,
Jonathan Levitt,
Chair of SIG/MET.
2011 ASIS&T SIG/MET Student Paper Contest

The Special Interest Group for the measurement of information production and use ( of the American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T) is pleased to announce its first student paper contest. The contest is designed, not only to recognize promising student research relating to the SIG, but also to provide feedback from specialists in the measurement of information production and use. Students will receive this feedback well before the deadline for submissions to the ASIS&T Annual Meeting, so they can take the feedback into account prior to submitting to the 2011 Annual Meeting to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana in October 2011.
SIG/MET seeks to encourages the development and networking of all those interested in the measurement of information.  It is holding this contest in order to promote amongst students the generation of new ideas and the conduct of new research in metric-related topics, including bibliometrics, scientometrics, informetrics, webometrics and related domains.
The primary author must be a full-time student at the time the paper is submitted, irrespective of whether they are members of ASIS&T. Faculty advisors may be listed as co-authors, but the presentation must be made by the primary author. SIGMET reserves the right to request proof of enrollment as part of the submission and evaluation process. All submissions should be original and not have been published in a journal, or been accepted by a journal, or be in the process of being considered by a journal at the time they are submitted to this contest.
Papers could discuss theories, methods, policies and case studies on different aspects of measurement of information production and use. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following core areas:
·   Metric-Related Theory
·   Methods and techniques
·   Citation and co-citation analysis
·   Indicators
·   Webometrics
·   Mapping & visualization
·   Research policy
·   Productivity & publications
·   Journals, databases and electronic publications
·   Collaboration/Co-authorship
·   Patent analysis
·   Knowledge and topic diffusion
There will be a winner, runner-up and, depending on the quantity of strong papers, a number of commended papers. The reviewers will particularly reward well-written, original research that has potential for publication in a peer-reviewed journal or for presentation at a refereed conference.
The winner and runner-up will be awarded a one-year individual membership to ASIS&T and the winner will also be awarded a cash prize. In the case of multiple authors, the primary author will be awarded the ASIS&T membership. Primary authors of highly rated papers will be invited to submit a short biographical piece to the SIG/MET Newsletter. In addition, if SIG/MET holds a pre-conference workshop at the 2011 Annual Meeting, these primary authors will be invited to present their research at the poster session of this workshop.
The SIG/MET student paper contest committee requires that submissions are no longer than ten pages (including figures, tables and references) and follow the template of 2011 ASIS&T annual conference. Detailed information about the template is available at:

Submission and Deadline
Authors are invited to submit manuscripts by midnight EST on Sunday, the 10th April 2011, to the following website:
We expect to have provided feedback on the submissions by the end of April 2011 and to have selected the winner and runner-up soon afterwards. If you have any queries, please email Chaoqun Ni (chni at
Chaoqun Ni
Ph.D student in Information Science
School of Library & Information Science, Indiana University
1320 East 10th Street, Herman B Wells Library
Bloomington, IN 47405, USA  

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