Winner Announcement: 2011 SIGMET Student Paper Contest

Chaoqun Ni chni at INDIANA.EDU
Thu Jun 16 23:36:04 EDT 2011

Dear all,

The Special Interest Group for the measurement of information production and
use ( of the American Society for
Science & Technology (ASIS&T <>)
is pleased to announce its first student paper contest result.

On the basis of reviewers’ comments and ratings, the reviewing committee
decided on the following awards.

Winner paper
Mapping science through bibliometric triangulation:an experimental approach
applied to water research, by  Bei Wen, Edwin Horlings, Mariëlle Van Der
Zouwen, Peter Van Den Besselaar and Wim Van Vierssen.

Runner-up paper
A Content Analysis of North Carolina State Agency Twitter Feeds, by Benjamin

Commended paper
Modeling System Diffusion: A Multinomial Logistic Regression Approach, by
Hsia-Ching Chang

Every reviewer rated the papers first authored by Bei Wen and Benjamin
Lutkoski either ‘accept’ or ‘strongly accept’; two reviewers rated Bei Wen’s
paper ‘strongly accept’ and one reviewer rated Hsia-Ching Chang’s paper
‘strongly accept’.

Bei Wen was awarded a 500 dollar cash prize, Benjamin Lutkoski a 250 dollar
cash prize and Hsia-Ching Chang a 100 dollar cash prize.  All three were
awarded a one-year student membership for ASIS&T.

We would like to thank the reviewing committee (Judit Bar-Ilan, Jonathan
Levitt, Dietmar Wolfram), the reviewers (Kevin Boyack, Katherine McCain,
Stasa Milojevic, Henk Moed, Ronald Roussueau, Cassidy Sugimoto, Mike
Thelwall) and all the contestants.

Best Regards,
Chaoqun Ni, Student Paper Contest Officer, SIG/MET.
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