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Excellent - when will it be up on YouTube? (!)

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> Dear All,
> I thought you might like to know that the impact factor of the British
> Journal of Psychiatry has now almost reached 6 (5.947). This leaves me
> with mixed feelings as I do feel the impact factor is over-rated, but it
> still remains a useful comparative measure that is difficult to replace.
> Our figure represents a 44% rise since 2001 and although many people
> feel that the impact factor of journals moves inexorably upwards as more
> journals enter the system, it is not actually true. For example, the
> Archives of General Psychiatry seems to have paid for being too esoteric
> and has virtually the same impact factor as in 2001.
> I thought that, despite our best intentions, we are all in the Impact
> Factory together and perhaps we need to have a British Journal of
> Psychiatry song we could sing to our potential contributors, which I
> know includes all of us, so here it is:
> The Impact Factory Song
> There comes a time of year
> Which for some yields joy and cheer
> Whereas for others it brings gloom
> And impending signs of doom
> I refer to the end of June
> It's the Impact Factor tune
> Which we dance to tho' we fear
> Its strains may cost us dear
> In promoting our alliance
> 'Tween scholarship and science
> And sometimes in defiance
> We reject our weak reliance
> On the star by which we steer
> With each number crunching tear
> But we have to play the game
> As our authors will turn to blame
> If we fail them in our quest
> To be better than all the rest
> Now's the time to attest
> In the BJP you must invest
> And fan our impact factor flame
> By seeing papers you can claim
> Really are the best
> And once published and assessed
> All will be impressed
> 'cross East, North, South and West
> Let the world then bold proclaim
> Each author's new found fame
> Professor Peter Tyrer
> Editor
> British Journal of Psychiatry
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