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Isidro F. Aguillo isidro.aguillo at CCHS.CSIC.ES
Mon Feb 28 04:17:43 EST 2011

An Investigation of Web Resource Distribution in the Field of 
Information Science
Kun Lu, Soohyung Joo & Dietmar Wolfram

Cybermetrics, Vol. 15 (2011): Issue 1, Paper 1


      This study introduces a new methodology to explore Web information 
distribution. Subject terms extracted from a key journal in the field of 
information science were employed to conduct Web searches on Google to 
identify a corpus of Internet domains and associated Web pages to 
represent the discipline of information science. A Bradford analysis was 
then applied to the corpus to determine if the scatter of Web pages 
conformed to a Bradford distribution. The modeling of the collected data 
to the power law function in LOTKA program indicates a good fit at even 
10% significance level. With a binning procedure and least squares 
fitting, an R square value of 0.987 was obtained. A division of the data 
according to top level domain category shows different number of domains 
and domain productivities in different types of domains. Governmental 
and commercial domains have higher productivity than the educational and 
organizational domains. However, the difference between governmental and 
commercial domains and between educational and organizational domains 
are not significant.

Isidro F. Aguillo, HonPhD
The Cybermetrics Lab
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