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Dear Wilfred: 

There a search gateway at bottom of the left index. It is powered  by ZoomSearch that is powerful enough and it is a really cheap option.


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> One problem, how does one get the ranking of a specific institution?
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> Subject: [Web4lib] Ranking Web of Universities. January 2011 Edition
> *Ranking Web of Universities. January 2011 Edition*
> ·*New edition of the ranking including 12,000 Higher Education
> Institutions according to its web performance in January 2011*
> ·*It analyzes presence and performance and the international visibility
> and impact of the universities*
> ·*Useful Resource for researchers, scholars, provosts, managers, and
> candidate students*
> ·*Developed by The Cybermetrics Lab, CSIC*
> *Madrid, February 3rd, 2011 -- *The Cybermetrics Lab released today the
> 12^th edition of its Ranking Web of Universities. This is the world
> broadest coverage ranking of Universities showing the performance of
> 12,000 higher education institutions worldwide.
> The Ranking is freely available:
> http://www.webometrics.info/
> This January 2011 edition's introduces new improved features including
> an updated Directory, more national and regional Rankings and
> recalculated indicators for better reflecting academic impact of the
> universities' web presence.
> Focusing not only on the research dimension, but considering also other
> academic missions like teaching, community engagement and knowledge and
> technological transfer, the Ranking Web is offering a series of truly
> global indicators that reveal the outstanding performers, the excellence
> in education and the international impact and visibility of the
> universities.
> The main results from the current edition are:
> ·US dominance: The Ranking is headed by MIT and Harvard University,
> followed by Stanford and California Berkeley. There are 115 North
> American universities among the Top 200, including 16 Canadian ones.
> ·Academic Digital Divide. The concerning gap between US and the
> Developed World Universities is not being closed. Only 59 European
> institutions are cited in the Top 200, including 10 UK ones, mostly in
> the leading group (Cambridge and University College of London are the EU
> best ones)
> ·Language barriers. The globalization of the Web penalized the
> international visibility of French, Japanese or Korean universities.
> Australian, Scandinavian, Singapore and surprisingly Taiwanese
> institutions show a performance close to the Canadian universities.
> ·Size is a relevant factor in the emerging countries. Sao Paulo in
> Brazil, UNAM in México and Peking and Tsinghua in China are examples to
> be considered. None Indian university appears in top 500.
> ·Open Access policies. The scores show that many universities are
> launching big efforts to populate their repositories, greatly expanding
> the availability of academic papers. On the contrary, there are still a
> few hundred institutions with two or more web domains, a bad practice
> that penalizes not only their rank but their overall visibility in
> search engines.
> "In this edition a new indicator has been applied for reflecting more
> accurately the academic impact of the web contents" said Isidro F.
> Aguillo, Head of the Cybermetrics Lab. "The goal is to provide a
> complete overview of the academia worldwide, without using subjective
> criteria or excluding universities solely by technical reasons and
> guaranteeing no economical or political interests affect the scores".
> "We are very surprised by the use of incomplete or flawed rankings for
> recognition of foreign university degrees. The current report
> constitutes a robust evaluation resource that can useful worldwide" said
> Isidro Aguillo.
> *About The Cybermetrics Lab*
> The Cybermetrics Lab is a research group devoted to Science Evaluation
> by means of analysis, visualization and evaluation of the information
> published in the public Web. The Cybermetrics Lab belongs to the Spanish
> Research Council (CSIC), the largest scientific public body in Spain and
> one of the most important networks of research centers in Europe.
> The Cybermetrics Lab publishes several scientific information portals
> including the Webometrics Rankings of Research centers
> (research.webometrics.info), Hospitals (hospitals.webometrics.info),
> Business Schools (business-schools.webometrics.info) and Repositories
> (repositories.webometrics.info).
> *About the Webometrics Project*
> The Webometrics Rankings are published since 2004, analyzing more than
> 45.000 academic and research organizations from all over the world.
> About 20.000 Higher Education Institutions are included in the Catalogue
> of Universities that is probably the largest and the most updated (a new
> edition appears every January & July) world directory of academic web
> domains.
> *Media Contact*
> Isidro F. Aguillo, HcDr
> Head, The Cybermetrics Lab
> Email: isidro.aguillo at cchs.csic.es
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