further adaptations to WoS 5

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Dear colleagues, 


1.      The overlays using the ISI Subject Categories available from
http://www.leydesdorff.net/overlaytoolkit operated on the field "SC" in
WoS4, but this field was changed into "WC" (that is, Web-of-Sci categories)
in WoS 5. This is now corrected in ISI.exe. The output file is still called
sc09.vec (in order not to generate confusion) and directly applicable in
Pajek to the map for 2009.


(In the new map for 2010-still under construction-we will call the input
file for Pajek wc10.vec.)


2.      Benjamin Schwalb was so kind to list how one can transform Scopus
output to the tagged format of WoS data. I did not test this routine for
other fields than he used. You find his description at
http://www.leydesdorff.net/software/scopus at the bottom of the page.


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