A Language-based Approach to Measuring Scholarly Impact

David Wojick dwojick at HUGHES.NET
Sat Oct 23 13:10:54 EDT 2010

Sounds like something I have long wanted to try. Is there any contact 


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>Interesting work, with nice results.
>Gerrish, S. M., EDU, P., & Blei, D. M. (2010). A Language-based Approach
>to Measuring Scholarly Impact. Presented at the 27th International
>Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2010), Haifa, Israel.
>Abstract: Identifying the most influential documents in a corpus is an
>important problem in many fields, from information science and
>historiography to text summarization and news aggregation.
>Unfortunately, traditional bibliometrics such as citations are often not
>available. We propose using changes in the thematic content of documents
>over time to measure the importance of individual documents within the
>collection. We describe a dynamic topic model for both quantifying and
>qualifying the impact of these documents. We validate the model by
>analyzing three large corpora of scientific articles. Our measurement of
>a document's impact correlates significantly with its number of citations.

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