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Philip Davis pmd8 at CORNELL.EDU
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Would avoiding "enemies" (i.e. competitors) provide the same result as 
preferentially selecting "friends"?  Many journals allow authors to list 
preferential reviewers as well as those they would rather avoid 
evaluating their work.

--Phil Davis

Bornmann, Lutz wrote:
> Dear Ronald,
> This could be one explanation for the better ratings of author-suggested
> reviewers. Another explanation is that the author-suggested reviewers are the
> authors' best friends. There is the danger that these reviewers rate a
> manuscript more favourably than they would rate it if it were submitted by
> unknown authors.
> I think the most important question here is: Is it fair that one group of
> reviewers rate manuscripts more favourably than another group - independently
> of the quality of the submitted manuscripts?

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