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Dear Ronald,

This could be one explanation for the better ratings of author-suggested
reviewers. Another explanation is that the author-suggested reviewers are the
authors' best friends. There is the danger that these reviewers rate a
manuscript more favourably than they would rate it if it were submitted by
unknown authors.

I think the most important question here is: Is it fair that one group of
reviewers rate manuscripts more favourably than another group - independently
of the quality of the submitted manuscripts?




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>Dear Lutz, colleagues,
>About your other paper (author-suggested reviewers vs.  
>editor-suggested ones). Whom would you like to read and review your  
>paper? Of course, a colleague who is really interested in the topic  
>you have studied. And of course she/he will give a more favourable  
>appraisal than the average reviewer who might be less interested.
>So without any form of game playing, author-suggested reviewers will  
>rate you higher than editor-chosen ones.
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