Henry Small joins SciTech Strategies (mapofscience)

Kevin Boyack kboyack at MAPOFSCIENCE.COM
Tue Oct 12 12:41:05 EDT 2010

Dear Colleagues,


SciTech Strategies, Inc. is very pleased to welcome Henry Small to our
research staff. Henry spent over 30 years working for the Institution for
Scientific Information (later Thomson Scientific and Thomson Reuters), where
he was Director of Research Services and Chief Scientist. He retired from
Thomson Reuters last week.


I'm sure you all are very aware of the great career Henry has had, and of
the enormous influence his work has had on citation analysis, science
mapping, and scientometrics in general. A brief bio can be found at
http://www.mapofscience.com/wii.html. He has influenced generations of
scientists and researchers in our field. Over the past few years, every time
that Dick and I have started to work on something that seems "new" to us, we
have found that Henry has already been there and has left a clear path for
future research to follow.


Henry's research interests have not changed. At SciTech he will continue to
investigate co-citation contexts within the framework of science mapping,
along with the other research questions that seem to so abundantly spring
into his mind. Welcome aboard Henry!


Henry can be reached by email at hsmall at mapofscience.com. 


Best regards,





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